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Annabelle 2 - Watch online 119 min

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Annabelle 2
HD Resolution

Annabelle 2 Full Movie

English Language

PG-13 HD STREAM 119 min Horror

IMDB: 9.3/10 492 124 votes

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The doll, which was donated by the heroine of the film by her husband, in honor of the imminent birth of a child, she liked it. But no one could not have imagined that this would be the beginning of trouble. After all, somehow magically, it was imprisoned evil spirit. As a result, the whole house, and all who dwell in it were in danger, they are attacked by the representatives of the satanic sect. Their goal was to free the demon traps, but even they did not know until the end, with what they will encounter. They found turned out to be the conductor to the realm of the dead, which, thanks to Satanists found freedom and escaped from captivity. He wanted to capture the soul of unborn children. The main characters, not knowing what to do, turned to demonology, which with great difficulty managed to send the Spirit in the world of the dead. ¬†And so time passed, everything slowly started to forget, life is returning to normal, until the moment when one ball heroine saw a girl who looked like a doll Annabelle. Or maybe it was she? How she was able to return to the other world? What is she doing here, and what’s going on, nobody knows. As it turns out, the history of this doll is not finished yet.

Annabelle 2
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