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Officer Downe - Watch online 88 min

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Officer Downe
HD Resolution

Officer Downe Full Movie

English Language

PG-13 HD STREAM 88 min Action

IMDB: 7.1/10 35.407 votes

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It is unlikely that Torrence Downey something can get to break the law. He is a police officer who works not for money, not for the sake of career or praise, but just because he likes to destroy the crime in his city. Every day he watches how come the news of the killing of innocent people than in Los Angeles as robbing the local people, raped as killed someone because of drugs. All these crimes are a great motivation for the hero to take up arms and go in search of the perpetrators. He does not consider himself a hero of the city, or the coolest cop. Torrens is convinced that he is simply doing its job, as it should do, and all the other representatives of the law. Recently, Downey head is filled with only one criminal group, he can not put behind bars. This gang was called “Fortune 500”. And, apparently, members of the group are not afraid of absolutely nothing, including Torrance. After Los Angeles knows who commit high-profile crimes. But no one is doing anything. Everyone is afraid to communicate with Fortuna – all but Torrence Downey. It is not the first time the road goes to influential people – the man is all the same impact on the offender, he will still try to remove it. It’s amazing how even with such dangerous work man is still alive. Each of his time – a great risk of death. While all Torrance colleagues take up the minor and minor crime investigation, the protagonist chooses the most difficult thing. Of course, open it “at times two” can not even such a steep cop, but still the impact of the work affects it. In a short time, the man learns who headed malicious “Fortune 500”. And if we can remove the leader, and then all the small pawns in gang will soon be sent to prison.

Officer Downe
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