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The Neighbor (2016) - Watch online 87 min

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The Neighbor (2016)
HD Resolution

The Neighbor (2016) Full Movie

English Language

PG-13 HD STREAM 87 min CrimeHorrorThriller

IMDB: 5.8/10 32,253 votes

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Heroes of the thriller-horror film “House on the other hand” some years married. John and Rosie live in a small town Cutter is located in Mississippi. Recently they moved to a nice house, standing on the street with the same lovely buildings. On the part of the spouses look like a sample of family living only according to the law. In fact, young people are involved in the Criminale: they sell drugs and fake numbers for cars. Clients heroes “customize” an old friend of John’s father. Rosie most of the time within the walls of the house, that soon drove her to the incredible boredom. Since the beginning of the heroine of surveillance of the house opposite neighbor. Troy lives without a wife with two adult sons.

Rosie had a chance to see him with a terrible coolness peels the skins from slaughtered animals and their guts, guts releasing a huge knife. Soon heroine she noticed some scary oddities in the behavior of Troy. One day, a neighbor looked to them to meet. He immediately showed an interest in a beautiful young woman, but the spouse Rosie expense faithful to remain silent so as not to initiate conflict. Once John came home and found that his wife had disappeared. After a fruitless search, he found the clue which led him standing in front of the house. He went to Troy, not knowing that the nightmare has already begun in his life …

The Neighbor (2016)
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