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Warcraft (2016)
HD Resolution

Warcraft (2016) Full Movie

English Language

PG-13 HD STREAM 123 min ActionAdventureFantasy

IMDB: 7.1/10 143,548 votes

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China, Canada, Japan, USA

For centuries, the world of Azeroth lived a relatively quiet life, but one day, opened unprecedented portal, from where they arrived, unknown creatures, very terrible and aggressive, they unceremoniously began to oppress people by force from their native lands. It came to the Orcs, they were forced to leave their world, because it has become unfit for life, they have no choice but to fight with the people, for their place under the sun in order to secure the future of their children.
People were furious, they gave a strong rebuff to intruders, but they did not give up, began a fierce war, thousands of soldiers dying on either side, and no one had a clear advantage, it was obvious that the forces are equal. But no one wanted to give the leaders of the two nations were relentless. But there was a wise man, the commander of one of the groups of people, he was able to finish with one of the orcs, who was also favorably disposed. They both knew that the war must be stopped, but can they do it?

Warcraft (2016)
Warcraft (2016)
Warcraft (2016)
Warcraft (2016)
Warcraft (2016)
Warcraft (2016)
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